Total Personal Performance Improvement

We will make you better by applying scientific structured performance plans based on your goals

J Sprightly

You can be better. Much better. All you need to do is understand what performance is and what’s stopping you from performing.

Here at Sprightly we apply scientific research, best practice and vigorous research into creating Personal Performance Improvement Plans (PPIPs, or pips) that are designed to make you better. We do this by applying three fundamental biological systems of personal improvement: Physical – everything that moves, Mental – everything that thinks, and Emotional – everything that feels. These three systems are improved together in 12 week programs that teach an individual to understand performance, educates them on setting goals, and coaches them openly to better performance.

The work at Sprightly is based on years of research in the fields of physiology, biochemistry, neuroscience, psychology, and sociology to name but a few academic areas. From this research Sprightly has built a set of knowledge in performance improvement that we share on these pages. We provide free access to our work as we are passionate about sharing knowledge so everyone can be improved.

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Scientific Model – the foundation of the Sprightly approach

To reach higher performance you need to understand what can and can not be improved.

You are made of two fundamental parts:

  1. An individual’s core
  2. A biological system or your biology

The soul, spirit, core, heart of an individual can not be improved as it is impossible to measure – it’s by definition unique to the individual.

The biological systems of an individual most certainly can be improved with the right training and coaching and this is exactly what we do at Sprightly we apply scientific theory and accepted knowledge to improve people by improving the defined systems that make up a person (all the things in part 2). We do this through a granular academic approach based in good science.

Biology – all the things that support your core. You are made up of several systems that interact to allow life. There systems include:

  • Musculoskeletal – movement
  • Respiratory – breathing
  • Immune – fight ‘foreign’ invasion (this includes autoimmune and cancerous growth)
  • Nervous – sensing/feeling
  • Circulation (cardiovascular) – pumping blood and nutrients
  • Digestive – break down and excretion of food and drink
  • Sexual – new humans

All of these systems can be improved with the current training and coaching. We improve them using the following fields of study:

  • Physiology – Physical: Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Circulation, Digestive
  • Neuroscience – Mental: Nervous, Respiratory
  • Psychology – Emotional: Nervous
  • Biochemistry – Physical, Mental, and Emotional