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Coaching – What is Coaching?

For most people the idea of coaching is one that involves sports or physical fitness through the idea of a personal coach. The idea using coaching in a non-physical sense is a relatively new one starting with Executive coaching which focussed on supporting senior managers and executives on decision making and reflection to maintain or increase business performance. The world of agile software delivery also brought the idea of coaching into teams first through the position of team or developer coach in extreme programming (XP) practices and more recently in the maturing of team management/coordination roles be that Scrum Masters if using Scrum or team leads if using Kanban from Lean based approaches. Even more recently the role of Agile Coach has become popular to support multiple teams in agile ways of working and up from here an Enterprise Agile Coach which (we think) is to support organisations to be agile in more than engineering/software development.

However you come across coaching it’s a big thing with many precursors to the role to define the coaches skill or interest. Common words before coach

Executive, Transformational, Business, Performance, Innovation, Agile, and Life

All of these roles and the sporting/personal fitness coaches have a common core in that their aim is to make other people than themselves perform better. That is what coaching is supposed to do.

What Coaching is NOT (WARNING)

Importantly coaching is not to make people feel better. This is very important to point out as there is a lot of cross over between how to improve performance by increasing mental and emotional awareness from a stable, healthy state from improving performance by treating poor (pathology) mental and emotional awareness e.g. depression, anxiety, psychosis. For support in poor mental health treatment by recognised qualification and experience in therapy, counselling, and psychiatry are needed. If you find coaching exploring elements of historic emotional anxiety then the coach should be looking to stop the sessions are advice therapist or doctoral intervention. Coaching can be a very personal experience where the sessions are likely to held in confidence. It’s crucial that before starting any coaching boundaries are set on what both the coach and client or ‘coachee’ can expect.

How did Coaching get here?

Coaching Types